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Planning an Event

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Planning an event is a big job and there are lots of different forms to fill in and arrangements to make.

The Council has a Guide to Organising Safe Events which has been designed to help new and experienced event organisers. 

Once you have read the guide, you'll need to think about the next steps. 

If you are going to hold your event on land owned by the Council (for instance in one of the parks or by the river), you'll need the Council's permission so you will have to contact them to get the forms.  The contact details are on Page 4 of the Guide.  The Events Team will send you an Events Information Pack which contains:

  • a letter with a list of requirements that your organisation or group will have to follow
  • an Event Notification Form for Council owned land
  • terms and conditions for using Council owned land
  • an Events Advisory Group form
  • blank Risk Assessment forms

(The pack can also be downloaded here)

Events held in Bedford Borough have to be considered by the Events Advisory Group, and they would need to have the completed form at least 3 months before the planned event, or 6 months if the event is expected to have 5,000 or more people coming.

If the event will be using the roads (for instance a parade) then you may need a temporary road closure to ensure the event can run safely.  If this is the case you should apply to the Council's Highways Helpdesk , giving details of the event and the associated risks.  They would want at least three months notice to process a road closure.

You should also read the information about Temporary Event Notices (TENs), which can be found on this page.  You will be able to apply for a TEN on-line there as well.  If you're not sure whether you will need a TEN or not, you can call Licensing on (01234) 221601.

Health & Safety is a very important part of planning and holding an event.  To secure use of Council land you will have to complete Risk Assessments for your event and send them to the Council when you apply.  Section 8 (Page 9) of the Guide to Organising Safe Events has some useful information about this and the Events Information Pack includes blank copies of Risk Assessment forms which you could use.

Bedford Market stallsMarket Stalls           

If you are thinking of using one or more market stalls for a town centre promotion or event for your group or organisation,  then contact the Markets Manager at markets@bedford.gov.uk . He will be able to tell you if the date and time you have in mind is acceptable, what it will cost and can arrange for the stalls to be put up and taken down.

Pop Up ShopPop-Up Shops

You might be thinking about arranging a Pop-Up Shop event for your group.  If so, take a look at the Empty Shops Information Pack, which you'll find really useful.

The pack has been designed to give you a starting point for investigating the permanent or temporary uses of empty commercial spaces.  It is for people who may have an idea for an empty shop but don’t know where to start and has lots of useful contacts at the back.

River Festival and Kite Festival

If your group or organisation is considering having a stall at the River Festival or Kite Festival, or is thinking about taking part in the River Festival Parade follow this link to the Outdoor Events page, where all the information you'll need will be updated prior to each of the events taking place.

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