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Community Safety

Bedford Community Safety Partnership works together to prevent and reduce crime and disorder, the Partnership is made up of:
Bedford CSP Logo
Bedford Borough Council

Bedfordshire Police

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

NHS Bedfordshire CCG

Bedfordshire Probation


These agencies have a duty to come together and work with other groups, organisations and agencies to prevent crime and disorder.  The CSP was formed in response to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 as a statutory requirement.

The vision of the Bedford Borough Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is:

Bedford CSP Vision


Strategic Assessment

Each year the Bedford Borough Community Safety Partnership produced a crime and disorder strategic assessment.

The aim of the crime and disorder strategic assessment is to identify key crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour issues that affect Bedford Borough.  It considers what needs to be achieved to help improve community safety, including how the community can feel assured and confident that their concerns and fears are being addressed.

The 2017 Strategic Assessment details the findings of the annual strategic assessment process.

An evidence based approach is used within the Strategic Assessment to identify emerging themes for the CSP to prioritise for action within the Borough.


Partnership Priorities

The CSP has prioritised the following areas:

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)Bedford CSP Priorities 2017-20

  • Alcohol and substance related ASB in public places
  • ASB related hotspots
  • Hate Crime and related ASB
  • ASB relating to the Night-time Economy (NTE)


 Domestic Abuse (DA)

  • Supporting communities
  • Bringing together professionals
  • Ensure Services deliver appropriate outcomes
  • Respond to risk to protect the vulnerable
  • Improve our response


Crimes associated to Vulnerable Groups

  • Protecting vulnerable adults
  • Protecting vulnerable children and young persons

The CSP will continue to tackle all the remaining emerging themes from the SA but they will not have priority.

The 2017-20 Community Safety Partnership Plan shows how the partnership plans to tackle these priorities. Strategic Objectives have been developed for each priority area. Action plans are then created to deliver these objectives over the next 12 months.


Community Safety Partnership Consultation - 2016

Public consultations form an improtant part of the Partnerships evaluation process, gathering data around the community's perception of Crime and ASB and awarenss of emerging issues in both their local area and the Borough as a whole.

The 2016 Consultation was designed to:

  • Understand the publc perception of progress in terms of tackling crime and ASB
  • Understand what contributes to making people feel safe and unsafe
  • Gain an understanding of people's concerns about some of the underlying issues that impact on crime and ASB
  • Gain an understanding of people's awareness of new an emerging issues in the Borough
  • Understand those issues that cause the greatest level of public concern


Domestic Homicide Review 2011

Domestic homicide reviews are carried out to make sure lessons are learned when a person has been killed as a result of domestic violence (domestic homicide).

In order for these lessons to be learned as widely and thoroughly as possible, professionals need to understand fully what happened in each homicide, and most importantly, to identify what needs to change in order to reduce the risk of such tragedies happening in the future.

As a result of a domestic homicide that occurred during 2011, Bedford Borough Community Safety Partnership undertook a Domestic Homicide Review to identify the circumstances that led to the death.  The Executive Summary of the Domestic Homicide Review identifies the key findings.


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