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Public Sector Equality Duty: Equality Information

Under section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 (the Public Sector Equality Duty) and the Equality Act 2010 Specific Duties Regulations 2011, the Council is required to publish equality information to demonstrate our compliance with the aims of the general equality duty. The information published on this page is our response to the Public Sector Equality Duty.

On this page you can find links to information that is used to identify equality issues and information that demonstrates consideration of the general equality duty. This information is regularly updated.



We publish an annual workforce report. This has information on workforce equality monitoring data the Council collects.

Click below to download the Annual Workforce Equality Monitoring Report

2016 - 2017

2015 - 2016

2014 - 2015


Equality Analysis

In order to have due regard to the aims of the general equality duty, the Council carries out equality analyses. This helps us to understand the impact of our policies and practices on people with protected characteristics. In carrying out an equality analysis, service areas will have considered information about who uses their services. Equality analysis reports are published centrally on the website.

Click here to view equality analysis reports completed by service areas.



All complaints received by the Council are monitored for diversity. This helps identify any trends for service areas to deal with.


Adult Social Care complaints

We published information on customer feedback received for Adult Social Care.  This can be found on our committee pages. The report highlights the steps that Adult Social Care continues to take to ensure that the services we are providing are increasingly customer-focussed. It also provides an analysis of equality monitoring.

Click here to view the Customer Service Feedback Report 2013 - 2014


Children's Services Schools and Families 
We publish information on our customer feedback received for Children’s Services Schools and Families. The reports provide equality monitoring information on the service users making a complaint.

Click here to view the Children's Services Schools and Families Feedback Report 2013 - 2014



Equality & Diversity Network

The Council supports and facilitates the work of the Bedford Borough Equality & Diversity Network. The Network provides ongoing engagement with organisations and community groups representing diverse communities and is an independent advisory, scrutiny and consultative network on equality issues. It supports the Council’s policy and service development by:

  • Scrutinising and evaluating strategic priorities of service areas
  • Raising awareness on local needs in regards to the protected equality groups and other disadvantaged communities
  • Informing the development of council initiatives to overcome barriers
  • Identifying opportunities to further meet the 3 aims of the general equality duty

Click here to view minutes of the Equality & Diversity Network.



The Corporate Consultation Team assists services across the Council in undertaking consultation projects.  Many consultations involve using a response form and the form contains optional diversity monitoring questions.  The answers to these questions are analysed and used to develop an annaul Diversity Monitoring Report.

Click here to view the Consultation Equality Report 2013/14


Health and Wellbeing Board

Bedford Borough's Health and Wellbeing Board was established in January 2012.  It brings together those who buy services across health, social care and children's services.  The board has agreed a shared vision and initially nine priorities to improve the health and wellbeing of the Borough's residents. 

The Council has been working  with key stakeholders in a more integrated way.  This new way of working is helping to plan and improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Bedford Borough.

Click here to view more information about Health and Wellbeing

Click here to view the minutes of the Health and Well Being Board


Access Group

The Council supports and facilitates the work of the Bedford & District Access Group. The Access Group is an expert body on issues relating to physical and sensory impairment. It identifies opportunities for improving accessibility to buildings, services and the natural environment across Bedford Borough.


Initiatives and key strategies to support equality

To find out more about key initiatives and strategies the Council has developed to support equality click on the following links.  

Joint Commissioning Strategies

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