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Budget 2012 Consultation

Please note the consultation has now closed.

The papers for the Executive meeting on 7 December can be viewed here



Bedford Borough Council has to find £36M in savings to balance our budgets over the next four years (2012 - 2016). To do this we have been working hard, planning and thinking ahead, to develop new and different ways to both modernise and improve the services we deliver. The level of savings required is on an unprecedented scale.


We are committed to being an open and transparent council and we welcome views from our residents, service users and other stakeholders. The proposals were subject to Public Consultation from 25 July - 21 November (ACS A - J and CCSF A) and 26 September - 21 November (all other proposals).

This page allows you to view all of the proposals. Due to the high number of proposals they are divided up here by Council directorate.


Adult & Community Services (ACS)

This directorate includes the following areas:
Contract compliance; Financial Assessments; Brokerage & Direct Payments; Learning Disability Development Fund; Voluntary Organisations Contracts; Local Involvement Networks; Carers’ Expenditure; Adult Social Care; Direct Services to Older People; Physical Disabilities; Mental Health; Supporting People; Empty Homes; Bedford Museum; Cecil Higgins Art Gallery; Heritage Sites; Libraries; Corn Exchange; Sports Development; Swimming Pools; International Athletics Stadium


Chief Executive’s (CEX)

This directorate includes the following areas:
Human Resources; Corporate Policy; Occupational Health; Corporate Communications; Schools Relationships; Learning and Development; Markets; Business Support; Tourist Information Centre; Events; Regeneration; Support for Councillors; Legal Services; Licensing; Archives and Records; Support for Elections

  • A summary of the proposals for Chief Executive's can be accessed here: CEX Summary
  • A full list of the proposals for Chief Executive’s can be accessed here: CEX Proposals


Children’s Services, Schools & Families (CSSF)

This directorate includes the following areas:
Commissioning of Children’s services; Early Years support; School Improvement; Vulnerable Pupils; School Organisation; Intervention; Youth Offending; Looked After Children; Vulnerable Children; Children’s Social Work and Disability


Please note regarding proposal CSSF1: As part of the policy proposals published for consultation on 26 September 2011; Children's Services, Schools and Families included proposals for a whole service restructure, indicating that there are proposed reductions to services across the whole Directorate and these would be subject to consultation. This proposal mentioned that the detail of further reductions in additions to those originally specified in the report would “emerge” and we are now providing the further details of this whole service restructure. More information can be accessed here: CSSF1 Clarification

Environment & Sustainable Communities (ESC)

This directorate includes the following areas:
Car Parking; Fleet Maintenance; Highways; Transport Operations; Planning of land use; Planning Applications and Appeals; Building Control; Highways Development Management; Minerals and Waste Development; Community Safety; Ground Maintenance; Rivers; Parks and Open Spaces; Refuse and Recycling; Street Cleansing; Cemeteries and Crematoria; Environmental Health; Trading Standards.

  • A summary of the proposals for Environment & Sustainable Communities can be accessed here: ESC Summary
  • Full details of the proposals for Environment & Sustainable Communities can be accessed here: ESC Proposals


Finance & Corporate Services (FCS)

This directorate includes the following areas:
Housing & Council Tax Benefit management and monitoring; Collection of Council Tax; Concessionary Fares; Capital Financing; Pension Fund administration; ICT; Council Properties – including County Farms, Shopping Parades, Commercial and Industrial units; Customer Services

  • A summary of the proposals for Finance & Corporate Services can be accessed here: FCS Summary
  • Full details of the proposals for Finance & Corporate Services can be accessed here: FCS Proposals


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