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Town Centre Recycling Bins Already A Success

24th February 2010


New recycling bins in Bedford Town Centre, introduced by Mayor Dave Hodgson, have collected an average of 85 kilograms of plastic bottles and drink cans per bin, in less than two months.

At the start of this month, an awareness week organised by Bedford Borough Council’s Environmental Services Team highlighted the new dual litter and recycling bins throughout the town centre.  

Results from that week now show the efforts of Bedford residents mean the Council has collected just over ½ tonne of plastic bottles and drink cans from the dual bins since mid December.

Recycling bottles and cans avoids unnecessarily sending them to landfill and also saves the Council £40 per tonne on landfill tax.

Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: “Having pressed for years for recycling litter bins to be introduced in the town centre, it is really pleasing that local residents and visitors to the town centre have responded so positively. The evidence shows that as soon as they have been given the chance, people have taken the opportunity to recycle their litter on the move.  I have always stressed that the best way for the Council to boost recycling rates is to work with residents and make it easier for people to take part. The early results from the recycling litter bins mirror the success we have had so far in our campaign to improve recycling facilities at blocks of flats, where a trial showed rocketing recycling rates.

“All plastic bottles and cans collected in the new town centre bins are taken to the Council’s recycling facility at Elstow. From there they can end up being turned into park benches, fleece jackets or even airplanes.

“This is an example of our commitment to achieve our target of recycling 60 per cent of waste by 2020, as we strive to make Bedford a cleaner and greener place to live and work while reducing landfill costs for local taxpayers.”

During the week, a series of promotional stalls staffed by Bedford Borough Council’s Recycling Support Team and advertisements were placed around the Town Centre reminding people to ‘recycle on the go’.

Waste sent to landfill gives off methane gas which is a significant contributor to global warming. By increasing the amount recycled, Bedford Borough Council is reducing its carbon emissions as part of its commitment to the 10:10 Campaign, which calls on signatories to reduce their emissions by 10% during 2010.

The first six dual litter and recycling bins in the Town Centre are located at Harpur Square and along Midland Road, between Clinton Cards and Costa Coffee, with more bins planned for later this year.

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