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Recycle Week - Home and Away

Bedford Borough residents are being urged to recycle at “home and away” ahead of National Recycle Week, which runs from the 20th-26th June.

National Recycle Week aims to increase recycling rates across the country by asking everyone to make a small extra effort to recycle, whether they are at home, at work or out and about.

Bedford Borough Council is also doing its bit to help everyone recycle more, no matter where they are.

Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: “Recycling is vitally important to Bedford Borough, and thanks to the efforts of local households more and more of our waste has been recycled over recent years. We will continue to work with residents to increase the amount we recycle and therefore divert from landfill.

“As well as the environmental benefits of recycling, it also saves local taxpayers money by reducing the amount of landfill tax we have to pay.  It is essential that through recycling our waste we all continue to play our part in protecting the environment and saving money.”

Recycle at home

You may have noticed that a new sticker has appeared on the underside of the lid of your orange lidded recycling bin – if not, take a look! This is to help raise awareness of the range of materials that can be recycled through your kerbside recycling collection scheme. Recyclable items include:

• all types of plastic packaging (such as pots, bottles, tubs, trays, bags and film),
• paper,
• card,
• food and drinks cans,
• aluminium foil,
• worn out textiles and shoes.
• empty aerosols

Did you know, if everyone in England recycled just one aerosol can we’d save the amount of CO2 equivalent to taking 1,015 cars off the road!  

Green Garden Waste Bin

Bedford Borough Council also operates a garden waste collection scheme using green lidded wheelie bins. Compostable items include:

• grass cuttings
• plants
• weeds
• leaves
• bark
• hedge clippings
If you don’t already have a bin, order one today online or by calling Customer Services.

Kerbside battery collection

The Council introduced a kerbside battery collection scheme to 12,500 properties in March this year. It proved immediately popular with 353kg of batteries being collected so far. The Council is currently finalising plans to roll out this scheme to other households in the borough.

In the meantime, residents can still make use of the collection facilities in the Town Hall and Borough Hall reception areas, Bedford’s Household Waste and Recycling Centre on Barkers Lane and most supermarkets and electrical retailers.

Remember to choose reusable batteries wherever possible.

Recycle ‘on-the-go’

You can recycle the plastic bottles, paper, cans and other items you use when we’re not at home by using the dual recycling and litter bins that are now located around the borough. There are now over 20 of these bins at various locations including Bedford town centre, Brickhill shops, Church Lane shops and the Saxon Centre in Kempston.

Recycle your glass

If everyone in England recycled just one more glass jar we’d save enough energy to light 8,015 100 watt light bulbs constantly for one year! Glass bottles and jars can be recycled by taking them to your local glass recycling site. These sites are currently being refurbished which is helping to greatly improve their appearance and make them more user friendly.

To find your local glass recycling site check our list of sites online at www.bedford.gov.uk/recycling.

To find out more about Bedford Borough Council’s waste and recycling services visit www.bedford.gov.uk/recycling or call Customer Services on 01234 267422.

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