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Adoption Week



It’s national Adoption Week 19th – 25th October and Bedford Borough Council is outlining the mutual benefits that adoption can bring, so as to encourage more people to consider it.


Bedford Borough has a number of children with a plan for adoption who the adoption team are seeking adoptive families for. These children range in age from 0 to 6 years and include two sibling groups of two. 


Cllr Shan Hunt, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Social Care at Bedford Borough Council said: “We would like to outline that anyone wanting to adopt will be supported every step of the way by Bedford Borough Council. We receive such positive feedback from adoptive parents who have been through the process and were lucky enough to secure a placement. For many, adopting a young person completes their families and they enjoy the benefits it brings in terms of emotional fulfilment.”


Figures released from the Department for Education indicate that on average it only takes 109 days at Bedford Borough Council to match a child to prospective adoptive families once court authority is given, compared to the average local authority performance of 217 days.


An adoptive parent, who adopted a 4-year-old child last year, said: “For me the biggest thing is that I can communicate with my adoptive son, having an older child also suited the fact that I work full-time and often from home. He started reception about 6 weeks after being placed with me. With an older child, you can reason with them and teach them things, he remembers everything and is hyper aware, which most often makes him value what you teach him or do for him. I’ve had a career and travelled and done all sorts of wonderful things and I felt in a very good place to offer stability, love and laughter to his life – and he brings huge joy to my life. I have found that giving him age-appropriate chores helps him feel like he is adding value, helps him feel like he fits in and build our attachment to a healthy level. The first time the cats allowed him to stroke them, it meant a huge amount to him to be accepted by them, and I knew this was helping my son relax into our home and feel part of the family. He earned their trust with patience and kindness. With each milestone, birthday, holiday, school achievement, etc. I have watched him realise more and more that this is his forever home. I can’t imagine my life without him. He is a wonderfully affectionate son.” 


We are looking for a wide range of people to become adoptive parents; single, married, same sex couples, with or without children, working or not. If you can offer your unconditional love and support to a child or children currently in care, you have the potential to become an adoptive parent.


You don’t have to live in Bedford to adopt a child from the Borough. We are looking for adoptive parents for children from a variety of different backgrounds, and would welcome enquiries from adopters from of all ethnicities, cultures and religions to meet the needs of our children.


Those seeking more information on adoption can contact Bedford Borough Council’s Adoption Team on 01234 718718 or email adoptionandfostering@bedford.gov.uk


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