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New waste contracts

Bedford Borough Council is delighted to announce it has agreed new contracts for dealing with the borough’s black and orange bin waste.


The contracts cover the next 6 years and will save £6.9million over this period as well as boosting the borough’s recycling rate and reducing the amount of waste needlessly sent to landfill.


Bedford Borough Council had inherited the previous waste and recycling contracts from the former County Council and this was the first opportunity to tender a contract to specifically meet the borough’s needs.


Black bin waste was previously sent for landfill and incineration. The new contract was awarded to Shanks Waste Management Limited who will treat the black bin waste using an environmentally sustainable process of mechanical and biological treatment at their plant in Frog Island in London.


This process uses a natural drying process and a further mechanical treatment to reduce the amount of waste and remove recyclable materials. It also creates an end product of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). This is used in energy generation and cement production and is an alternative to fossil fuel.


Orange bin recycling will continue to be dealt with by Viridor Waste Management Limited and will be taken to their state of the art Materials Recycling Facility in Milton Keynes which currently recycles approximately 96% or more of all waste received.


Both tenders submitted by the contractors represented the best value for money options to the Council in terms of quality and price. Combined, the contracts deliver massive savings of £6.9 million over the initial contract period to September 2018, in addition to the major environmental benefits.


Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: "I am delighted that after years of hard work we have managed to secure contracts which save Borough residents nearly seven million pounds.


I have always made clear my opposition to mass burn incineration and we will now see our waste being recycled and processed in a way which will deliver an immediate increase in a our recycling rates of up to 4%. Rather than all the waste just being thrown in the ground or burnt, mechanical and biological treatment of our black bin waste will see more recyclable material extracted from our household waste.


“The new contracts deliver outstanding savings and are great news for the environment."


Paul Rowland, regional operations manager for Viridor, said: “Bedford Borough Council is one of the leading councils when it comes to recycling. It is great news that the Council has chosen us again to process the recyclables that local residents carefully put out for collection. We look forward to continuing to offer a high quality and best value service to the authority for the benefit of its residents.” 

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