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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives you the right to ask in writing for any information held by any public authority.

Public authorities must respond promptly to information requests and at the most within 20 days. This 20 day time limit does not apply while we wait for your response to our request to clarify the information you want when reasonably we are unsure of it. Once you have submitted a request if you have not received a response within the 20 day timeframe please contact freedomofinformation@bedford.gov.uk

The Freedom of Information Act does allow us to refuse to give you information where it must not or should not be made public. For example, we may be prevented by other legal provisions from providing it or it may include personal information that should be kept private. The Act also allows us to refuse information where the cost of supplying it is excessive. Where we are unable to supply information to you we will always give you a full explanation of the reasons.

You have the right to ask for a review if you are unhappy in any way with the response we give or the way we respond. We will arrange for an independent review of the decision through our internal review procedure. If you are still unhappy with our response to your information request after going through our internal review procedure you can appeal to the “Information Commission.” They will review our decision including the way we have responded and can order the council to let you have the information. You (or the Council) can appeal against the Information Commission’s decision to the Information Tribunal.

Please click here to download the FOI Complaints Procedure

If you are still unhappy after the internal review, you can complain to the Information Commissioner, who oversees public authorities’ performance under the act.  The Information Commissioner will decide if your request has been dealt with properly.

We can only charge a fee if we estimate the cost of providing the information will be more than £450.  We can then refuse to answer on cost grounds, charge up to the full cost or answer it for free.


To request a copy of environmental information under the Environmental Information Regulations please see further information on our Environmental Information Regulations page

Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires every public authority to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme which has been approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office and to publish information in accordance with that scheme.  Please have a look at the Publication Scheme should you wish to request information as details regarding the information you require (or weblinks to that information) may be listed there.  You may also wish to view the Freedom of Information Disclosure Log which details requests and responses sent for the last two years.

Please click here to view the Disclosure Log

Please click here to download the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
To comment on the Publication Scheme, please click here and complete the online form.

Although information requests (Freedom of Information or Environmental Information) can be sent to any council department, it would help us and avoid any uncertainty if you sent your request indicating the service you want a response from.

By letter to the following address:

Records Access

Bedford Borough Council

2nd Floor, Riverside Building

Borough Hall

Cauldwell St
MK42 9AP

Email us at: freedomofinformation@bedford.gov.uk
Or by completing the following form

If you experience problems with accessing any of the information linking from the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme, please  email freedomofinformation@bedford.gov.uk


Please use Bedford Borough Council's Disclosure Log to view directory of Freedom of Information/ Environmental Information Regulation Requests received.


Freedom of Information/Environmental Information Regulation requests received:

In the financial year 2016/17 Bedford Borough Council; received 1645 requests.

99.4% of those requests were responded to within the statutory limits. 

The average time taken to respond to those requests was 11 days.

Please visit our Disclosure Log at this link.


Re-Use of Public Sector Information

Bedford Borough Council's Public Task

Open Government Licence

Enquiries regarding Re-use of Public Sector Information please send any enquiries in the first instance to the Freedom of Information Officer at freedomofinformation@bedford.gov.uk

For information regarding Data Protection please click here.

For further information please look at the following external links:


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