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Instrument Loans & Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hire

For the purposes of these terms and conditions:

·         “the owner” is Music for Bedford Borough

·         “the hirer” is the person who signs the Instrument Hire Agreement

·         “the instrument” is the named instrument on the Instrument Hire Agreement together with its case and care instructions. Also, accessories:_______________________________________________________

Conditions of Hire:

1.     These terms and conditions are an integral part of the Instrument Hire Agreement, and the hirer agrees to abide by them when they sign the Instrument Hire Agreement.

2.     This agreement supersedes any prior agreement between Music for Bedford Borough and the hirer, whether written or oral.

3.     This agreement takes effect from the date of signature, and payments will commence in September 2016.

4.     The current rate of instrument hire is £10 per instrument per term (which includes VAT). These terms are defined as the periods (1) Sept. 1st to Dec. 31st; (2) Jan. 1st to Apr. 30th; and (3) May 1st to Aug. 31st.

5.     There will be no part-payments of the £10 charge, and this amount is non-refundable if the instrument is returned mid-term.

6.     The £10 termly charge will be made directly to Music for Bedford Borough by invoice or cash/cheque.

7.     At the commencement of the period of hire, Music for Bedford Borough will provide the instrument, case/cover, and any accessories named above (e.g. bow, cleaning rod/pull through, additional crooks/mouthpieces/head joints, slings, mutes). Any additional items required during the period of hire will be the responsibility of the hirer.

8.     The instrument will be inspected by both the hirer and the owner at the start and end of the period of hire, and the condition of the instrument will be noted on this form accordingly. Photographs of the instrument may be taken for the owner’s records.

9.     The hirer will keep the instrument in his or her sole possession for the use of the student named on the hire agreement. The hirer will not lend, sublet, or sell the instrument, use the instrument as security against a loan, nor allow the instrument to be seized in satisfaction of debts or for any other legal process.

10.  The hirer will take all due care of the instrument during the period of hire. This includes storing the instrument in its case/cover, and carefully handling the instrument when removing and replacing it in its case/cover. Any instrument with attachments (including, but not restricted to, reeds, mutes, mouthpieces, stands) will have these attachments removed from the instrument and stored carefully in the case/cover. Any instrument with bows and tuning skins (e.g. violins, cellos, timpani) will have these items slackened prior to putting them into their case/cover.

11.  The hirer will take adequate measures to secure instruments during transportation.

12.  If, at any stage of the period of hire, the instrument requires repair, the hirer will need to bring the instrument back to the owner’s office to be sent for repair. If the repair is required as the result of general wear and tear, the owner will cover the cost of the repair, and will provide a replacement instrument to the hirer on the same hire agreement terms. If, however, any damage to the instrument is deemed to be the result of negligence or a deliberate act, the hirer will be responsible for either the full cost of repair, or a full replacement cost of the instrument if necessary.

13.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to return the instrument to the owner’s office at the end of the rental agreement, or upon termination of this agreement at any stage of the period of hire.

14.  The owner will accept no responsibility for any consequential loss, injury or damage suffered by any person from the presence of the instrument, unless it arises from the owner’s negligence, act or default.

15.  The hirer will be responsible for obtaining adequate insurance to cover any damage, loss or theft of the instrument during the period of hire. We strongly advise that you have the instrument covered on an ‘all risks’ basis on your household insurance policy.

16.  The hirer must inform Music for Bedford Borough immediately of any changes in circumstances, including changes of address and contact details, which would affect the arrangements of this Hire Agreement.

17.  This loan agreement will be signed by both parties and a copy given to the hirer.

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