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School Managed Project Information

The main purpose of the School Managed Notification Scheme is to ensure safety

The School Managed Project Scheme is principally intended to assist Establishments to safely improve either the buildings or the grounds using their own resources where they so wish. This form should be used for work to the buildings or grounds using the school budget or in partnership e.g. with pre school/after school providers or District Councils for Multi use Games Areas. It covers everything from planting a tree to a classroom extension.

Safety is the most important reason for requiring Establishments to comply with the School Managed Project Scheme. The approval procedures are intended to ensure the safety of all those concerned with project's implementation and the safety of users on completion of the project.

The School Managed Project Scheme is also a way of notifying the Authority, as landlord, of the proposed alteration to the building or site. The Local Authority is charged with keeping the Asset Management Plan (AMP) up to date and this includes premises related information.  


Responsibilities within the School Managed Project Scheme

It is important that if Heads/Managers of Establishments are considering implementing any alterations (other than those permitted as the remunerated duties of site agents) to either the buildings or the grounds, they are required to ensure that the procedures for the School Managed Project Scheme are followed. There have been a small number of incidents whereby schools have encountered problems once works have been started on site because the School Managed Project Scheme was either not followed, or not complied with. All proposals involving the National Lottery should be assumed to come within the School Managed Project Scheme; any proposals which do not, in fact, need School Managed Project Notification will be quickly identified.

Projects involving additional floor area with budget implications will be subject to an assessment of whether the Local Authority will be willing to accept the financial implications. Where works have taken place without approval, or the agreed specification has not been complied with, the Local Authority reserves the right to require the school to fund any rectification works.

It is essential that the process is adhered to, including the contents of the Guidance Sheets. (pdf document opens in new window)

Voluntary Aided Schools are asked to check with the School Capital Planning Officer, School Planning to determine whether a proposed project needs to comply with the School Managed Project Scheme. Normally building work at VA schools will be approved by the EFA and copied to the Local Authority. Therefore, VA schools may only need to use this process for the development of the grounds/playing fields/play equipment.


Procedures for School Managed Project applications

The first stage of the process is for Establishments to seek relevant professional advice. This could include the following people as appropriate:

  • Building Surveyor
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineer
  • Asbestos Surveyor
  • Fire Safety Officer
  • Grounds Maintenance Inspector
  • PE and Sport Team
  • Early Years Childcare Team
  • Bedford i-tech - (ICT facilities)
  • County Planning officer
  • Lottery officer

Advice will be given to ensure that Heads of Establishments are aware of the procedures and the regulations that need to be complied with.

This advice will help to:
Identify considerations which cause the intended project to be re-shaped in certain respects, or to proceed no further. In both cases advice at this stage should save the project proposer's time.
Complete the  School managed project form (PDF document opens in new window) as clearly as possible which will make it easier to assess and help to speed up the approval process. For building alterations or extensions please make sure that the professional advice has appropriate professional indemnity insurance. Please notify the Insurance and Risk Section at Borough Hall on 01234 228704 (email: risk.management@bedford.gov.uk) of any structural works undertaken on the property.

Please send the completed  School managed project form (PDF document opens in new window) to Sue McKeating, Senior Admin Officer, School Planning, Bedford Borough Council, Post Reference 44, Borough Hall, Bedford MK42 9AP.

Once a project has been acknowledged for implementation the person named on the notification form as being responsible for the project must ensure that the approved specification and project management arrangements are adhered to. Revisions to the approved scheme (works or personnel involved) should be notified and approved as appropriate before works are commenced by contacting Sue McKeating.

It is essential that schools ensure that any works are adequately insured (contact the Insurance and Risk Section at Borough Hall on 01234 228704 for further advice or email: risk.management@bedford.gov.uk).

Please ensure that Sue McKeating is notified when the project is completed, to ensure the AMP details are updated.

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