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NQT Induction Forms and Guides

Essential Documentation for NQT Induction:

Statutory guidance and documentation from the Department for Education (DfE) can be found here.


Registration Form

All NQTs must be registered with the Appropriate Body before their induction begins.

This registration form should be used to register your NQT(s).


Please click here to view the full Privacy Statement for Registration of Newly Qualified Teachers.


Assessment Forms and Submission Dates

 Assessment Form


The submission dates for full-time NQTs starting their induction year in September 2017 are as follows:

NQT Induction Assessment Submission Date
Assessment 1 14th December 2018
Assessment 2 29th March 2019
Assessment 3 (Final assessment) 12th July 2019


Please send completed forms to Nqtinduction@bedford.gov.uk at the end of each term for NQTs on full time contracts. Part time NQTs should be assessed on a pro rata basis as detailed below.

NQTs on part time contracts will need to complete their induction over a longer period than the standard full time equivalent (3 terms). For example, an NQT on a 0.5FTE contract would need twice as long to complete their induction: 6 terms over a 2 year period.


Change of Details and Leaver Form

Please use this Change of Details Form at any point during the Induction period to provide details of any changes that have taken place in relation to your NQTs employment (changes to full-time or part-time contracts, length of contracts, information about appointments to another school, name changes or when returning from maternity leave).

If their personal details change, NQTs must also update the National College of Teaching and Learning (NCTL) using the Teacher Self-Service Portal

Please complete this Leaver Form if an NQT leaves your school prior to completion of the Induction Period.


Help with Induction Forms

Help Sheet for NQT Induction Forms - for Head teachers and Induction Tutors.

A tool for supporting NQT Induction (for NQTs and Induction Tutors). This can be used both to inform review and assessment meetings and to record progress. It is not statutory and can be adjusted to meet the schools’ needs.


Handbooks for Induction Tutors and NQTs produced by Bedford Borough Council

The Newly Qualified Teacher Handbook 2017-2018 - The essential guide to induction

The Induction Tutor Handbook 2017-2018 - The essential guide to induction


NB: The 2018-2019 handbooks are currently being updated


Career Entry and Development Profile

The CEDP is designed to help you think about your professional development at key points. It is a structured document to be developed throughout your first year in the profession.


The profile is built around three Transition Points:

1. Trainee - Towards the end of initial training, supported by your tutors in ITT

2. NQT - In the first term of induction, supported by your Induction Tutor

3. End of NQT Year - Towards the end of induction, supported by your Induction Tutor


At each Transition Point there is a set of questions designed to help you reflect on your progress and think about your future learning and development. You have the main responsibility for working on your CEDP and you will use the input from your tutors in ITT and your Induction Tutor to help.


Career Entry and Development Profile


Guidance and Tips

Developing an Induction Policy for NQTs (Word) Useful steps - Setting up Lesson Observations (Word)
  Reducing the Induction Period (Word)
NQT Tips for getting started (Word) Prompts for Conducting Progress Reviews (Word)
  Behaviour Management - Case Studies (Word)
Suggested Questions to identify NQT training requirements (PDF)  


Templates and Examples

Example of an Action Plan (Word)    Induction Tutor Session Record (PDF)
Lesson Observation Form    Log Record of Observations and Meetings 2016-2017
NQT at risk of not meeting the standards (Word) Record of 10% release time (Word)
NQT Mentoring Session - Weekly Agenda (Word)     NQT Mentoring Session (Word)
NQTs Personalised Induction Programme - (PDF) Planning Induction Programme - Structured Plan (PDF)
Preparing for Progress Review Meetings (Word)  Recording Review Meetings Form (Word)


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