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Please see the following details and Information about Appeals

To view our policies on Personal Data please refer to Guide 5 for comments and Guide 6 (p2) if you are submitting an Appeal


Submit an Appeal

The person who made a planning application can appeal, if they do not agree with the decision or conditions imposed or it was not determined within the relevant timescale, by the Local Planning Authority. An appeal can also be made by those who have received an Enforcement notice. Click  here  for more information and the time scales for lodging appeals, which is also on any relevant planning decision or Enforcement notices.


Appeal Advice

Advice on planning appeals, is available on the link above.

The Planning Inspectorate are a Government agency who act for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to determine Appeals.

You can view more details about the Appeal processes, types and commenting here

Once the appeal has a Start Date, letters will be sent out (where relevant), to detail, what the appeal is for, how the Inspectorate are going to determine the appeal and their reference number, how to view documentation (which is also explained below) and if comments are allowed, a time scale for making representation, which you can do by clicking on the Comment on an Appeal Link below. Further correspondence will be sent, dependant on the appeal type, to provide more information as the appeal progresses, for example if the Appeal is to be an Inquiry or Hearing, the date and venue details will be provided. (Click here for arrangements for disabled members of the public who may wish to attend)


Comment on an Appeal

  Please click on the link above and send 3 copies of your correspondence directly to the Inspectorate. You can use the 'advanced' 'Search for a Case' if you do not have the Inspectorate's reference number. You will need to comment by a specific time as detailed on the Inspectorate website and in notification letters sent out (where relevant). Please do not send comments to Bedford Borough Council.


Find and View Appeals and Documents

 All of the information detailed in this section is available online on the above link, where you can find: appeals and the planning applications or enforcement notices they relate to or carry out general searches (such as looking for Appeals of a certain type, within a time frame etc), by following this guidance:

       To search by address or postcode:

  • Use the MAP SEARCH, which identifies any relevant appeals, enforcement and planning applications on a site. The map also provides a link to the details and documents of cases you identify, as explained in How to Guide 7


       To search by Reference number(s) or for general searches:

  • Click on the link TO VIEW AND COMMENT ON PLANNING APPLICATIONS, which opens a search screen. For Appeals, Please click on the APPEALS box option above the words Reference Numbers, wait for the screen to refresh and then complete any of the fields shown (The Appeal reference field is for the Bedford Borough reference no), then click on SEARCH. If there is more than one relevant Appeal, you will see a list for you to look through of any cases and select the one you want or make a note of the reference numbers. If there is only one Appeal, the system will take you straight to the details screen. Once on this screen, you can then view the documents or details of the appeal. How to Guide 3 provides assistance.
  • The Planning Inspectorate Reference is on the start date letter.
  • (For historic applications before 1995 please refer to How to Guide 4)


Appeal Decisions

View Planning Appeal Decisions (19 Nov 2018)

View Outstanding Appeals (19 Nov 2018)



For general enquiries or assistance with the website please refer to the How To Guides on www.bedford.gov.uk/searchplans or contact planning@bedford.gov.uk or ring 01234 718068. (All documents are online, hard copies of documents incur a fee).

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