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Bulky Waste

Bulky waste refers to items which are too large or heavy to be collected in your regular kerbside collection.  Bulky waste can include such items as discarded furniture, large appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Have you got bulky waste to dispose of?  The collection operative will not remove bulky items with your rubbish or recycling bins. Read the options below to find out what to do with your old item(s):

Option 1 - Donate for Reuse - For bulky waste which is in good enough condition for reuse.

Option 2 – Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) - For when it can't be reused.

Option 3 – Bulky Waste Collection - For bulky waste unable to be taken to the HWRC.

Please note we will not take away bulky waste which has been left out with your rubbish or recycling bins.


If you are a landlord, letting agent or tenant of a rental property please download the guide for waste from rental properties. (41.3kb pdf)

furniture reuse

Option 1 – Donate for Reuse

Good quality furniture or electrical appliances that you no longer need can be donated to one of Bedford Borough’s reuse organisations. Some reuse organisations collect bulky items from your property and will also accept electrical equipment and appliances.  Contact details for refuse organisations (9.45 kb pdf)

For more information please visit our Reduce and Reuse page.

Option 2 – Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)household waste recycling centre

Take furniture, white goods and other electrical appliances not suitable for reuse to Bedford’s HWRC at Barker’s Lane. Other items such as small electrical appliances (e.g. toasters, kettles, irons), DIY waste and green garden waste are also accepted for recycling.


Go to our Household Waste Recycling Centre page for more information.

Option 3 –  Bulky Waste Collection

Bedford Borough Council operates a special service for the collection of bulky household waste items, such as furniture and white goods, which are not suitable for reuse. There is a £35.40 charge made for each bulky waste collection, of up to 5 items. However, if you receive Council Tax Support you may be entitled to a 50% reduction in the cost of a bulky waste collection. For a collection of 6 to 12 items of bulky waste there is a charge of £54.90. Please be aware that there is a non-refundable administration fee charged if you cancel the collection once payment has been made.

Important Information:

  • Items which are in good working order and have a fire label may be taken for reuse.

The Council also operates a collection of non-standard bulky waste from domestic properties which requires a visit from a Council Officer who will provide a quote for its collection.

A list of items that can be collected using the bulky waste collection services can be downloaded here.


In addition, residents in rural areas benefit from a free yearly rural bulky waste service. Go to our Rural Bulky Waste page to find out more about this service.

How do I arrange a collection?

You can arrange a bulky waste collection by calling Customer Services on 01234 718060 and paying by credit/debit card. Please make sure you have a list of the items you require collecting before you call.

Alternatively, you can complete our bulky waste request form and post it to us along with a cheque. You can get a form by either printing a copy of the form for the collection of 1 to 5 items or 6 to 12 items, or visit the Customer Services Centre in Bedford.

Cheques should be made payable to Bedford Borough Council and the collection will be arranged once funds have cleared.


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