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What Goes in my Bin?

The household waste collection service consists of 3 bins:

Sacks are also available for recycling for properties that do not have space for a bin.

Your bins and/or sacks should be left at the edge of your property by 6am on your collection day and brought back on to your property as soon as possible after collection.  Extra bags of rubbish along side your black bin will not be collected. Please do not leave your bins out for more than 24 hours after your collection.  Only council issued containers will be emptied.


Recycling Guide Cover


Waste and recycling guide

For more information on what can be put into your bins or sacks and where other items of household waste can be taken for recycling download our recycling guide.






Recycling - Orange Lidded Bin

Orange recycling bin

This is a fortnightly kerbside collection service that allows you to send your waste for recycling. 

Please put all of the items listed below into your orange lidded bin or sacks. Remember to wash out any dirty food and drinks containers, squash items to save space and place items in the bin loose.


                                 Paper, Cardboard and Cartons

Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes (including window envelopes), cereal boxes, corrugated card, greeting cards, food and drink cartons (Tetra Paks), ready meal boxes, cardboard packaging

Paper and cardboardCartons


Plastic Food Packaging

Plastic food containers, plastic packaging, plastic bags (e.g. carrier bags, bread and fruit bags), plastic bottles (including bottle tops), yoghurt pots + lids, margarine tubs + lids, meat trays, fruit punnets, plastic film

Plastic bottlesMixed plastic packagingPlastic bags


Metal Packaging

 Food tins, drinks cans, aluminium foil and trays, empty aerosols

Food tins and drinks cansAluminium foil and traysAerosols

Download the picture leaflet by clicking on this link. (346kb pdf)


The council provides a standard amount of recycling containers free of charge; it also provides some extra capacity free of charge. For those producing more recycling there is also the ability to purchase additional containers. Please see the diagram below for more details:

Recyclng provision 2018

You can order an orange lidded bin by completing our online form.

* Sacks can be collected from your local library, the Customer Contact Centre on Horne Lane, Borough Hall and some local Parish Councils. Please click here for more information regarding collection locations and opening times.

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Garden Waste - Green Lidded Bin 

Green waste bin

This is a fortnightly kerbside collection service that allows you to send your garden waste for composting.

Please put all of your garden waste into the green lidded bin loose. 



                                                Garden Waste

Grass cutting, plants and weeds, flowers, prunings, hedge clippings, leaves and bark, vase plants, pond plants

Garden Waste


No thanks - Soil, rubble, vegetable peelings, kitchen waste, plastic bags, plant pots, polystyrene trays, animal bedding, pet waste, general household waste, persistent/noxious weeds (Ragwort, Japanese Knotweed, Spear Thistle, Creeping Thistle, Broad Leaf Dock, Curled Dock), fake plants.

Download the picture leaflet by clicking on this link. (273kb pdf)


The council provides a standard amount of garden waste containers free of charge. For those producing more garden waste there is also the ability to purchase additional containers. Please see the diagram below for more details:

Green waste 2018

Only council issued bins will be collected. You can order a green lidded bin by completing our online form

Further to a decision made by the Council’s Executive Committee on the 7th September 2016, we will no longer be supplying green garden waste sacks. If you wish to order a green lidded bin please complete an online form. Alternatively, you may wish to consider purchasing a subsidised home composter or take your garden waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre

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Non-recyclable Waste - Black Bin

Black refuse bin

This is a fortnightly kerbside collection service. All bins are emptied on an alternate weekly basis therefore one week your black bin will be collected, the following week your orange lidded recycling and green lidded garden waste bin will be collected.

Material placed in the black bin will go to a Mechanical Biological Treatment facility. Householders are issued with a wheeled bin as standard. Where a property cannot accommodate a wheeled bin an officer will visit and agree a suitable collection method.  

Please place any waste that cannot be recycled in the black bin.

The Council will not collect any side waste placed out alongside the black bin.



What doesn't go in my black bin?

All rubbish containers are liable to inspection before collection. The rubbish container should contain ‘non-recyclable’ household waste only. The rubbish container must not contain any of the items listed  below (please note that this is not an exhaustive list but names the most common items):

Uncontained liquid waste Recyclable items
Commercial/business waste Clinical waste
Tyres Hazardous waste e.g. asbestos, car batteries, plasterboard
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Construction and/or DIY waste such as tiles, bricks,
cement, aggregates, timber etc.
Paint (in liquid form) Garden and/or yard waste
Soil Large ‘bulky’ items.

Alternative arrangements are available for disposal of the types of waste listed above.

If there are any materials that you are unsure about, please contact the Recycling Team at recycling@bedford.gov.uk.   


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