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Child Sexual Exploitation

What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

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Child sexual exploitation is a major child protection issue for communities across the UK. Hidden from view and going unnoticed, vulnerable young girls and boys are groomed and then abused, leaving them traumatised and scarred for life.  

Child sexual exploitation is illegal activity by people who have power over young people and use it to sexually abuse them.

This can involve a broad range of exploitative activity, from seemingly ‘consensual’ relationships and informal exchanges of sex for attention, accommodation, gifts or cigarettes, through to very serious organised crime.


Local Posters on raising awareness of CSE

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Three top tips to keep safe - Barnardo's Guidance - Be Aware, Stay Alert and Keep Safe



NSPCC - three short animations which deal with subject of sexual exploitation.

The NSPCC has produced three short animations, available on YouTube, which each deal with the subject of child sexual exploitation in a different way.The animations attempt to clarify the complex issues involved and offer starting points for discussion with young people who might be experiencing similar problems.

Click below to see some animations created by the NSPCC and Childline to raise awareness of sexual exploitation

When Someone Cares

Losing Control: Jay

My Story is Real


Chelsea's Choice

CHELSEA’S CHOICEa powerful production highlighting the issue of child sexual exploitation

We have commissioned 2 weeks this year of 'Chelsea's Choice' to deliver performances to Upper Schools across Bedford Borough. 'Chelsea's Choice' informs young people about grooming and helps individuals to spot the signs of sexual exploitation.

'Chelsea’s Choice’ is a hard-hitting, 35 minute long play which is followed by a 25 minute interactive session which provides an opportunity to explore the issues raised in the safeguarding drama.

Raising young peoples’ awareness of child sexual exploitation is key in helping to prevent them from becoming victims of this crime.

If you would like more information on Chelsea’s Choice please contact us at www.bedford.gov.uk/lscb or telephone 01234 276512


Useful Contacts on Child Sexual Exploitation

Getting some help

The most important thing to remember if this is happening is to tell someone.  This could be anyone from your parents or a teacher or  just someone that you trust. You can contact the police or speak to your social worker if you have one. If you want to get more information about what sexual exploitation is, there is lots of things online for you to look at.

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Barnardo's have made a leaflet for young people with advice about spotting the signs of sexual exploitation and how to keep you and your friends safe.  The leaflet is here


Childline is the free helpline for children and young people in the UK.  You can contact Childline by phone, e-mail, text or via a message board.


Expert advice from NSPCC advisors, who are all trained child protection officers.
0808 8005000
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Don't be afraid - Say Something : Helpline for young people

The Say Something campaign launched over the summer has been developed with young people and aims to safeguard vulnerable children and young people by empowering them through awareness and education to identify early indicators of child sexual exploitation. Say Something will also offer a free, 24-hour, anonymous phone and SMS helpline, 116 000, to disclose information and seek support.

The message is:

It is NOT OK for someone to expect you or your friends to do things you don’t want to do sexually.

Listen to your instinct; if it doesn’t feel right say tell someone


24/7, FREE ANONYMOUS, CALL or TEXT 116 000



faceup2it an interactive website for children and young people who want to know the real deal about child sexual exploitation, it includes advice and young people's stories of CSE.

If  you think a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999.

Leaflet on useful local and national organisations


Information about Sexual Exploitation

To watch a video on recognising the signs of sexual exploitation available here 

A leaflet on how to keep you and your friends safe from exploitation is avaiable here 

To watch a music video made to accommopany my dangerous loverboy film available Click on this link . The song lyrics and film tell the story of a girl who meets an older boy. He buys her gifts, alcohol and takes her to parties. He drugs her and she becomes entrapped her in sex trafficking and exploitation.

To watch a short film about a young adolscent girl, Milly available by clicking here  Milly is groomed by an older man into having sex with men for money. Milly lives with her mother and her mother's violent partner. She meets Steve who woos her and separates her from her friends. Milly moves in with Steve and starts having sex with men She runs away after hearing Steve arranging to take her to Leeds.



Ofsted Inspection

The Bedford Borough Safeguarding Children Board (BBSCB) is judged to be 'Good' in a report published today by Ofsted. For more details of the report and a statement by Jenny Myers, Independent Chair of BBSCB can be found here 


Child Sexual Exploitation Conference

‘The More You Know, The More You See’ – Child Sexual Exploitation Conference

Date: Thursday 28th September 2017

Venue: The Rufus Centre, Flitwick

Time: 9:30 – 4:30 (Registration 9:00 – 9:30)

For more details please click here