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Local Guidance

Local Guidance, policies, protocols and procedures

We are pleased to signpost you to some useful local practice guidance, policies, protocols and procedures that are yet to be uploaded onto the Pan Bedfordshire Interagency Procedures page

See below for some local policies, protocols and procedures that haven't been uploaded onto the Pan Bedfordshire Interagency page as yet. Please click on the document you wish to look at.


A Child Centred System: Understanding Thresholds

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Children Missing Education

Bedford Borough Council - Children Missing Education Procedures



Bedfordshire Police, the University of Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough, Luton Borough and Central Bedfordshire Councils, Crimestoppers, and the three local safeguarding children boards are joining forces to tackle child sexual exploitation (CSE) with this new campaign.

The campaign aims to educate people on the signs that someone is being exploited, and increase the number of cases that are reported.

As part of the campaign, a new website has been launched which contains links and information about all of the agencies taking part, and explains how you can access help and support, as well as where to report CSE concerns.

The organisations will also be using social media to target young people directly, to help them recognise the signs that their friends, or indeed themselves, may be being exploited.

In September, the organisations will be working with schools in order to educate children and young people, culminating in a children’s conference at the end of September, as part of an awareness raising week.

Jenny Myers, Independent Chair of the Bedford Borough Safeguarding Children Board, said: “Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) can be tricky for people to recognise which is why a tip-off from someone who may have noted something which doesn’t seem quite right, can be so incredibly valuable. The joint website is a great resource for those seeking more information on CSE.”

If you are concerned about CSE, you can call police on 101 or visit https://bedfordshireagainstcse.org/ for further information.

Practice guidance & Risk Assessment Tool

Practice guidance & Risk Assessment Tool to safeguard Children & Young People who are Sexually Abused through Exploitation can be found on the Professionals CSE page.


Child Sex Offender

Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme - Presentation. This presentation will explain the remit and contact arrangements in respect of the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme


Core Groups

Guidance for Core Group members


Missing Children - Safeguarding Children and young people who go missing from home and care

New local protocol


Model Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy for Schools

Please see attached a draft safeguarding children policy which you can download and adapt to your school - please click here - remember to save your policy. Click here for the draft policy


Safeguarding Children and Young people from Neglect

Neglect guidance

Ofsted report - In the Child's time - professional responses to neglect


Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Jargon Busting Tool


Written Agreements

Guidance in respect of the use of Written Agreements within the Child Protection / Child In Need processes

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