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Bedford Borough Multi-Agency Thresholds Document

The Bedford Borough Safeguarding Children Board has published a ‘thresholds document’ setting out levels of need and access to Children’s Social Care. Click here for the full document.

This document provides a framework for professionals who are working with children, young people and families. It aims to help identify when a child or young person may need additional support to achieve their full potential. It introduces a continuum of help and support, provides information on the levels of need and gives examples of some of the factors that may indicate a child or young person needs additional support. By undertaking assessments and offering services on a continuum of help and support, professionals can be flexible and respond to different levels of need in different children, young people and families. The framework recognises that however complex a child or young person’s needs, universal services e.g. education and health, will always be provided alongside any specialist additional service.

Along the continuum of need services become increasingly targeted and specialised according to the level of need. Children or young people’s needs are not static, and they may experience different needs – at different points on the continuum – throughout their childhood years.


The Four Levels of Need are;

Level 1: Universal

Children, young people and families are generally progressing well and achieving expected outcomes. Their core needs are being met effectively by universal services without any additional support.


Level 2: Early help / Intervention

Children, young people and families are experiencing emerging problems which result in them not achieving outcomes. They are likely to require early help/intervention for a time limited period, to seek to move them back to Level 1. Children subject to Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans.


Level 3: Targeted

Children, young people and families who are experiencing significant additional needs, which may be numerous or more serious/complex in nature. This is having a significant impact on their achievement of expected outcomes and is likely to require more targeted support, potentially from a number of agencies. This may require the identification of a lead professional to co-ordinate the support provided to the family. This may meet the threshold for an assessment led by children’s social care under Section 17, Children Act 1989 although the assessments and services required may come from a range of provision outside of children’s social care. Children or young people subject to an EHC plan may well be accessing targeted support.


Level 4: Specialist

Children, young people and families who are experiencing very serious or complex needs that are having a major impact on their achievement of expected outcomes. Their needs will be such that they require intensive support from specialist services. These children or young people are suffering or are likely to suffer significant harm. This is the threshold for child protection. This level also includes Tier 4 health services which are very specialised services in residential, day patient or outpatient settings for children and adolescents with severe and /or complex health problems. This is likely to mean that they may be referred to children’s social care under section 20, 47 or 31 of the Children Act 1989. This would also include those children or young people remanded into custody and statutory youth offending services.


This document should be used in conjunction with Bedford Borough Safeguarding Children Board procedures: http://bedfordscb.proceduresonline.com/



Threshold, Early Help and MASH Briefing sessions

There is still time to book onto one of the ½ day briefing sessions on the 12th July or the 11th November 2016.

The Focus of the session is to look at how the new Thresholds, Early Help offer and MASH are working together to safeguard and protect children and young people in Bedford Borough.

AIM: As a result of attending the ½ day Briefing event frontline workers will be able to describe:

  • The role of MASH and how it works
  • What Early Help is and how it works
  • How to use and understand the ‘A Child Centred System: Understanding Thresholds’ document


Flyer for the 12th July 2016

Flyer for the 11th November 2016

To book a place please use this link http://www.centralbedscpd.co.uk/safeguarding





Disrespect NoBody campaign

The second phase of the Home Office Disrespect Nobody campaign will run from 2 February until the end of March 2017.

The aim of the Disrespect NoBody campaign is to prevent young people, both boys and girls aged 12 to 18 years old from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships.

For 2017 the focus of the campaign will be consent and sexting, which are both issues where many young people need more education and information. The campaign advertising directs young people to the website www.disrespectnobody.co.uk where they can get further information and signposts them to organisations who can provide support.

Please click on the link below to download the partner brief and campaign materials.

Click here to go to their website