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Supporting People Compliments Comments and Complaints


This section explains how to make a complaint in relation to a Supporting People service or function.

For complaints relating to any other Bedford Borough Council service or team, please click on the link below:

Bedford Borough Council Complaints and Other Feedback


If you have a comment, suggestion or compliment for Supporting People, please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information and how to do this.


Supporting People Complaints Investigation Policy

1. Policy

Supporting People is committed to contracting for quality services that are responsive to the needs of Service Users and their representatives. Helping them to make complaints or voice concerns is part of this process.

The aim of this procedure is to compliment Providers internal complaints processes and enable Service Users or their representatives to raise complaints about the way in which Supporting People contracted services are being delivered, or the conduct of members of the Supporting People team. 

Supporting People contracts require all Service Providers to have an internal complaints procedure, and therefore all complaints relating to a service, how it is being delivered or individual staff members, should first of all be raised using this internal procedure. However where a complaint relates to an issue which threatens the health, safety or welfare of Service Users, Supporting People will consider whether or not it can be dealt with outside of the Providers complaints process.

If serious concerns regarding a service have been identified and can be evidenced, then Supporting People can choose to undertake a contract review for that particular service or provider.  

2. Making a complaint 


The information you give us will only be shared with those who need to know. If you are complaining about a staff member and do not wish them to know, we will respect this. However, it may be difficult to fully investigate your complaint.

Our complaints process goes through 3 stages; 

Stage 1 – Initial Contact

At this stage the aim is to try and sort out the problem in an informal manner. We hope to be able to resolve the majority of complaints at this stage. 

A complaint can be made to any member of the Supporting People team, either verbally or in writing. 

We will respond to your complaint within 5 working days. 

All complaints will be recorded on a ‘customer feedback form’ and passed to the service manager responsible for maintaining the customer feedback file. 

If the complaint is serious, then Stage 1 can be bypassed and the complaint can be dealt with at Stage 2. 

Stage 2 – Formal Complaints

If you are not satisfied with the response at stage 1, then you can make a formal complaint to the Head of Supporting People. 

Your complaint will then be investigated, and you will receive a written response within 15 working days, detailing the outcome of the investigation and action, if any, to be taken. 

During this investigation you may be contacted directly to discuss the matter in more detail.  

Stage 3 – Internal Independent Review

If you are unhappy with the Stage 2 response, then your complaint will be referred to the Customer Relations Manager.   

The complaint will be allocated to an appropriate independent officer within the council. This person will not be from the service area that the complaint refers to.

This officer will investigate your complaint alongside the service area that the complaint refers to. 

This investigation should be completed within 15 working days, after which you will receive a full response. 

If you are still not satisfied at the end of Stage 3, you will be offered the chance to contact the Local Government Ombudsman, who will assess whether or not your complaint has been dealt with fairly.

3. Complaints against members of the Supporting People Team

Any complaint relating to a member of the Supporting People team should in the first instance be directed to the Head of Supporting People. The complaint will then follow the same stages as set out above.

4. Reporting

The Supporting People Team will report quarterly on complaints to the Supporting People Partnership Board in line with their Performance Management Framework.  

5. How to complain

You can contact the Supporting People Team by telephone, in person or in writing;

Andrew Kyle

Head of Supported Housing

Tel: (01234) 276192

Lori Dyke 
Business and Contracts Manager 
Tel: (01234) 276064

Lisa Sparks
Commissioning Manager
Tel: (01234) 228274

Supporting People
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

6. If you want to take your complaint further

If you are not happy with the final outcome of your complaint, then you may want to contact the Local Government Ombudsman below:

Local Government Ombudsman
The Oaks No 2
Westwood Way
Westwood Business Park
Coventry CV4 8BJ

Tel: 0300 061 0614

Website:  http://www.lgo.org.uk/ 

Adviceline: 0845 602 1983

There is a separate leaflet that gives more information about the type of complaint that the Ombudsman will consider and on how to make a complaint. Please ask us for a copy of this leaflet: it is free of charge and is available in large print, on audio tape and in translation.

Before investigating your complaint, the Ombudsman will first expect you to have given Bedford Borough Council a chance to answer it. The Ombudsman will also expect you to have given us a reasonable amount of time to investigate your complaint.

7. Situations when this policy will not apply 

  • If your complaint relates to the abuse of a child or vulnerable adult (a complaint of this nature will be referred straight to the Adult or Child Protection Team)
  • If your complaint relates to a statutory service provider e.g. social services or health
  • If your complaint relates to a public liability claim
  • If your complaint relates to a case where there is a statutory right of appeal
  • If your complaint relates to a service or issue which the council has no control over
  • If your complaint has previously been dealt with under this procedure (except where new evidence has become available)

If you need this policy in a different format please contact a member of the Supporting People team:

Supporting People
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP   

Tel: 01234 267422


Comments and Compliments

Your feedback is important to us, good or bad and we will use it to improve our service.

In addition to the complaints process above, you might like to make comments about Supporting People funded services, the Supporting People Team or perhaps suggest what we could improve or do better.

It is also possible to recognise a service or team member who has really helped you.

If this is the case, please contact us to let us know on:

Supporting People Team
Bedford Borough Council
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

Tel: (01234) 276195 or (01234) 228439
Fax: (01234) 228128

Email: SP.GeneralEnquires@bedford.gov.uk


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