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Your records

This information tells you:

  • How information is kept in the adult social care services
  • Who is allowed to see the records
  • How you can see your records


Why are records kept?

The department needs to keep information to help make decisions about the service for you, and to plan future services.

Who are records kept on?

Anyone who receives a service from the department will have some type of record.

Who keeps the record?

Your social worker/care manager, or the manager of your home or centre keeps the information in a cardboard file. Some information is also kept on a secure computer database.

Where is it kept?

The records are kept in secure cabinets in a secure office when not in use.

What is on my record?

Different information is kept, depending on the reason for your contact with the department. It will include basic information like address, next of kin and a note of the meetings you have with your social worker. 

There will also be copies of your assessment form and care plan. If other people are involved such as home carers or health professionals, there may be letters and information from them.

Any decisions made about you will be recorded, including reasons why the decisions were made.  

Can my views be put on the record?

Yes. The department wants you to contribute your views as often as possible. Your social worker will make sure anything you want to say is recorded.   

Are my records confidential?

All staff are required to keep information about you confidential. Only authorised staff can see this information.   


Can I see my records?

Yes. You have a statutory right of access to your records in most cases.   

Can I see everything on my records?

You will be able to see most of the information held. There are legal restrictions on some documents. Your social worker will explain further if this applies to you.   

Can I see my child's record?

This will depend on the age and understanding of your child, and the nature of the records. As a parent you do not have an automatic right to your child's records.   

How can I see my records?

Let your social worker know in writing that you wish to see your record. If you do not have a social worker, or are not sure if there is a record for you, please contact the duty officer at your nearest Social Services office.   

Can anyone else see my records?

If you want to nominate someone else to see your records on your behalf, that can be arranged, or you may bring a friend or representative. In some circumstances we may need to share information with other professionals.   

How long will it take to see my records?

We will give you access to your records within 40 days of receiving your written application. It may take longer if we need permission from outside agencies about their contribution to your record.   

What happens if I'm not happy with the content of my record?

If you disagree with any statements, they may be corrected or amended. If no agreement can be reached with the manager, your opinion will be recorded on the record.   

Can I have copies of my record?

You can have photocopies of any information you have seen on your records. There may be a small charge if a large number of pages are required.   

What if I'm still unhappy about anything to do with seeing my records?

If you cannot solve the problem with your social worker, you can appeal to a committee of Councillors who will look into the matter on your behalf.   

How long are my records kept?

Normally, your records will be kept for ten years after a service ceases to be provided. Then they will be destroyed. There are some instances where records have to be kept longer for legal reasons.   

Will my records be used in research?

Sometimes researchers are given general information from records but without giving names or personal details.   

Is there any help in understanding my records?

Your social worker will explain your records to you. If you need any help with translation or understanding this information, there is an interpretation service available. If you would like an advocate to assist you, contact your social worker.

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