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Housing Development and Policy

Draft Mental Health Accommodation Strategy Consultation

The consultation period for the draft Mental Health Accommodation Strategy has now ended and responses are being considered before the strategy is finalised.


Care and Support Accommodation Strategy

The Housing Strategy 2012-17 committed the Council to preparing an Accommodation Strategy for vulnerable groups.  Documents including the Learning Disabilities Accommodation Strategy below, form part of the overarching Care and Support Accommodation Strategy.


Learning Disabilities Accommodation Strategy

All local authorities with strategic housing responsibilities need to plan to meet the housing needs of local residents.

LDAS Cover picture All local authorities with strategic housing responsibilities need to plan to meet the housing needs of local residents.  This strategy sets out the Council's aims in meeting the accommodation needs of people with Learning Disabilities.  To view the strategy please click here.



Homelessness Strategy 2016-2021

The Homelessness Act 2002 sets out a legal duty that every five years all councils review their measures to prevent homelessness and the support available.

Following this review, we should produce a homelessness strategy based on those findings.

The feedback received via a recent consultation survey has helped inform the development of the Homelessness Strategy 2016 - 2021.

Our homelessness strategy is based around the following themes:

•           Prevention - the prevention of homelessness

•           Support - the provision of effective support to people who are homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless

•           Supply – to ensure that there is sufficient supply of accommodation for those at risk of homelessness and those who are homeless

The homelessness strategy will be delivered in partnership across a range of statutory and voluntary sector partners.

Homelessness Strategy Cover

Homelessness Strategy 2016-2021


Bedford Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Bedford SHMA Update 2016

Opinion Research Services (ORS) was commissioned by Bedford Borough Council to update the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and establish the Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) for housing based on the most up to date information now available.

The purpose of the study is to support the local authorities in objectively assessing and evidencing the need for housing (both market and affordable) and to provide other evidence to inform local policies, plans and decision making. To view the document click here.


Tenancy Strategy

Tenancy Strategy

The Tenancy Strategy for Bedford Borough Council covers the period 2013-2017 and is an important element of the Council’s overarching Housing Strategy along with other strategies and policies for preventing homelessness, allocations, empty homes and private sector housing.  It was adopted as policy by the Bedford Borough Council Executive on 12th February 2014.


The Localism Act 2011 requires Local Authorities to produce a Tenancy Strategy.  This includes Local Authorities like Bedford Borough Council, that are not social housing providers themselves.  The Tenancy Strategy relates to the public housing sector, not the private rented sector. 


To download the Tenancy Strategy click here.



Housing Strategy 2012-2020

Housing Strategy Cover

Housing Strategy 2012-2020

Housing impacts on many areas of everyday life. To make sure we provide the right housing services to meet local needs and priorities, we produce a strategy.  When developing this strategy, we consult with members of the local community and our partners to make sure we take their views into account.

The result is our Housing Strategy for 2012-2020, a detailed assessment of current and future needs within Bedford Borough.

Our Housing Strategy is based around the following themes:

•           housing needs and the housing market

•           the provision of affordable housing and delivery of growth

•           making best use of the existing housing stock

•           homelessness and meeting the needs of vulnerable people

The strategy identifies a number of key objectives for each of the themes. Working towards these objectives will help us meet the existing and future housing needs of our communities.

To download a copy of the Strategy click here.


In March 2018 the Housing Strategy Review Action Plan was updated to include current progress against targets.  To view and download the documents click here.



Empty Homes Strategy

Empty Homes Strategy

The Empty Homes Strategy for Bedford Borough Council covers the period 2013-2017 and is an important element of the Council's overarching Housing Strategy along with other strategies and policies for preventing homelessness, allocations and tenancies and private sector housing.

To download a copy of the Strategy click here.







Private Sector Housing

Private Sector House Condition Survey 2011

Bedford Borough Council commissioned CPC to conduct a Private Sector House Stock Condition Survey (PSHCS) in 2011.  PSHCS are conducted on a regular basis by Local Authorities as a means of maintaining a detailed picture of housing conditions in the private sector (owner occupied and privately rented homes).  This enables the Council to form a useful evidence base on which to build strategies and to inform investment decisions.

To view the completed survey report please click here.



Supporting People

Supporting People is a former national Government Programme which has now ended. However, Bedford Borough Council have kept their Supporting People Programme in place to continue to provide good quality housing related support to vulnerable people, to help them live as independently as possible within their community.

It aims to deliver high quality and strategically planned housing-related services which are cost effective and reliable, and complement existing care services.


To access the current Bedford Borough Council Supporting People Strategy 2012 - 2017 document, please click here.


To access a copy of the Older People's Accommodation Strategy 2011-2016 click here.


Please click here to go to the Supporting People web pages.

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