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Home Repair Assistance Grants and Loans

The Council has in the past provided loans to Landlords of HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation) in order to assist them in meeting their statutory obligations when registering a HMO. The Council also provided Empty Homes Loans to assist with bringing empty properties back into use. Under current Council Policy, the Council will no longer provide these loans.


The Council will continue to provide a range of discretionary assistance to qualifying applicants under the following headings subject to the continuation of current policy and funding being available.


Please click on the link below for the information relating to the 'basis for determining assistance', taken from the Bedford Borough Council Private Sector Assistance Policy. The full document can be accessed form the link at the end of this page:


Basis for Determining Assistance



Home Repair Assistance (minor works) Grants (up to £3000)

Grant assistance may be available to homeowners or tenants (not RSL tenants) but only for minor works where the work is of an emergency nature. This small grant of up to £3000 will only be available to households on a means tested benefit. This grant may also be used for works to improve home insulation, provide or upgrade heating systems or improve home security. They may also be provided where a speedy solution is required to enable a disabled person to live safely and independently.


No more than one application to be permitted in any 3 year period other than in exceptional circumstances.



Home Repair Assistance (major works) Grants (£3000 to £15000)

These may be available for more extensive works costing between £3000 and £15000. Major Works Grants will only be offered to vulnerable households who have insufficient equity in the property to secure a loan and who are at imminent risk from defects in their properties in accordance with the Housing health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) Category 1 hazards or to meet Decent Homes Standard.


If the amount of repairs assistance when added to any mortgage or other charges against the property comes to 75% or more of the property’s value, the Council will consider whether the Home Repairs Assistance award will be made as a grant (the 75% equity rule).


Applicants will be subject to a financial assessment to determine the amount they might be expected to contribute to the cost of works and consequently any grant award.


If awarded, grant will be paid up to a maximum of £15000 for all essential works. All grants will be subject to existing grant conditions.


Home Repair Assistance (major works) Loans (£3000 to £15000)

As for Major Works Grants, these may be available to owner-occupiers whose homes are in need of improvement to eliminate risks and meet basic standards. However where there is sufficient equity in the property below the 75% equity rule threshold, this will be offered as an interest free renovation loan. These will be for vulnerable households, where there is reasonable evidence that the applicant is unable to access commercial loans on the open market due to their financial circumstances. In these circumstances the loan will be provided on a 10 year repayment basis with an initial 2 year repayment holiday. Where the age or financial circumstances of the homeowner do not permit repayment over 10 years, the loan will be repayable on the sale or transfer of the property.


The costs of arranging the loan and making the legal charge will be included in the loan.


Please click on the link below for the information relating to the 'variations to this policy', taken from the Bedford Borough Council Private Sector Assistance Policy. The full document can be accessed form the link at the end of this page:


Variations to this Policy


Contact details for the Home Improvement Team:


Home Improvement Team

Bedford Borough Council

Borough Hall

Cauldwell Street

MK42 9AP


Tel: 01234 718294 (Wed - Fri)


To view the entire Bedford Borough Council Private Sector Assistance Policy, please click on the link below:


Bedford Borough Council Private Sector Assistance Policy 11th July 2012


The Council has a mandatory obligation to provide Disabled Facilities Grants to increase the independence and wellbeing of qualifying homeowners and tenants. Please click on the above link for guidance.


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