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Opportunities in Children's Services - Apply now!

The last 3 years has seen Bedford Borough Council undertake a considerable transformation programme within Children’s Services.

In July 2017, Children’s Services, Schools & Families became one directorate under the leadership of Colin Foster, Director of Children’s Services.

‘Our focus is on developing our early intervention and prevention strategies, and supporting this with an efficient and effective social care system’, says Colin.  Successful candidates will be able to rely on unswerving support in helping to deliver this transformation programme.  This is a priority for the authority, and this is translating into practical tools through additional investment, so we have both the commitment and the resources to make a real difference.  We have recently introduced a career progression scheme for our social workers, which is a really positive affirmation of our commitment to retaining and developing the talent within our organisation.

Our Teams:

Multi-Agency Support Hub (MASH)

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASHs) co-locate key agencies and their data into a secure assessment, research and referral unit for notifications on vulnerable children and young people.

The MASH process includes searching for and collating information from a range of sources including databases and other professionals. With due regard for confidentiality, the MASH professional is responsible for interpreting and sharing the information that is necessary to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child/young person.



The Assessment Team provides high quality, timely  management of  assessments and related activity for social  work relating to children in need, and provides other assessments in private law proceedings, asylum cases and any forum where social work assessment skills can improve outcomes for vulnerable children.


Family Support

The Team carry caseloads which may range from cases at the level of Team Around the Child (TAC) to high risk cases on the cusp of child protection/LAC and work with partner agencies to ensure multi agency assessment, planning, implementation and review.  The team also ensure that the thresholds for Service intervention are met and that service users are ‘stepped up and down’ to other provision as appropriate, and contribute to step up/step down decisions, TAC meetings, CIN meetings and statutory child protection processes and statutory reviews as required.



The Fostering & Adoption Teams work closely together to:

  • identify and match children with suitable adoptive families.
  • provide post adoption support to adopted children and their families.
  • provide support for adopted adults looking to access their birth records or trace birth family members.
  • carry out referrals
  • attend Looked after Children (LAC) meetings
  • carry out statutory child protection processes as required
  • carry out supervision of Foster Carers



The Permanency Team provides high quality, timely management of permanency planning and related activity for social work relating to Looked After Children and manages support, as required, to children in need of permanency including specialist family finding, life story work, creating options to place in the extended family and  any other preparation for placement indicated by best practice standards.


Leaving & After Care

The team carry out statutory LAC/Care Leavers processes, transition for Care Leavers assists with financial decisions to support care leavers into adulthood and carries out LAC Reviews/Pathway Plan Reviews.


Children with Disabilities

The Children with Disabilities Team provides high quality, timely management of cases where there is a health issue which endures through childhood and ensure the own case load is administered at all times with regard to earliest resolution , best resource use and child beneficial, evidenced outcomes.


Youth Offending Services

Youth Offending Services is a multi-agency team working with young people and families across Central Bedfordshire as well as Bedford Borough to prevent offending by young people.  The team manages strategic Youth Justice priorities such as risk management and safeguarding, and provides services as required by the Crime & Disorder Act 1998, Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 and ensures all  work and services are delivered in accordance with National Standards for Youth Justice and local policies and procedures.


Please be aware that we are not accepting applications for newly qualified Social Workers looking for an ASYE post within Children's Services. 


To apply, please click on the links below:

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Experienced Social Workers - Children's Services - Apply now!


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