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Adult Triathlon Events

Adult triathlon style events for beginners

Non Competitive, No Results and No Frills!


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Bedford Borough Council & Triathlon England are running 2 beginner Triathlon events starting on 12th April 2015. They are for anyone 16years old or over, who wants a gentle introduction to this exciting sport in a relaxed, non-competitive environment.


  • No booking in advance- just turn up and pay £3 to join in.
  • Local Club representatives available to offer friendly advice
  • You select your distances and we can provide suggested routes
  • You can choose which event to complete, e.g. Triathlon (swim-bike-run), Aquathlon (swim-run) or Duathlon (run-bike-run) and notify us of your choice when you register.
  • No need for the latest equipment - however you will need to bring a roadworthy bike and helmet if you select to complete a Duathlon or Triathlon
  • A unique opportunity to experience the transition from one discipline to another.


Click on this link to view the 2015 Beginner Triathlon Flyer


General Event Format

Event Options: You can choose to take part in either an Aquathlon, Duathlon or Triathlon and you choose the distances to complete (maximum distance set)

Registration Time:

Triathlon-7:30 to7:50am

Duathlon 7:50am to 8:05am

Aquathlon 8:20am to 8:30am 


Registration Location: Robinson Pool Cafe


Start Time:

Triathlon-7:30 to7:50am

Duathlon 7:50am to 8:05am

Aquathlon 8:20am to 8:30am 


Location: Robinson Pool Bedford Park & Surrounding roads


Maps and routes

Running Route

If you wish to complete any form of event, i.e. Triathlon, Aquathlon or Duathlon you will be heading out on the running route, therefore you will need to make sure that you bring suitable comfortable clothes and footwear.

The running routes will take place around Bedford Park with the finish line on the park area nearest to the Robinson Pool car park.

Click here to view your route options

One lap of Bedford Park is approximately 1.25 miles and you have the choice of running 1/2 a lap, 1 lap, 1 1/2 laps, 2 laps or 2 1/2 laps.  


Bike Route

We will be providing a bike route for those that wish to complete a Duathlon or Triathlon. If you opt to take part in the cycle route you will need to bring along a bike (mountain bikes are perfectly suitable) and a helmet.

The bike route will take place between Bedford Park and the Milton Road/Bedford Road roundabout, Clapham.

Click here to view a map of the bike route

At any point on the bike route participants can turn around and head back to the Bedford Park transition area.

Full route = 6.7miles


Swimming Route

If you wish to complete an Aquathlon or Triathlon you will need to bring along suitable swimwear. There will be 2 lanes open for exclusive use by participants so you can swim 4 lengths climb out and head for transition or walk around to the start and complete a further 4 lengths before heading to the transition area.

1 length = 33.3metres


For more information please don't hesitate to contact 01234 718821.

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