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Twinning Events Calendar

Here is a calendar of events that will involve our twin towns in the year to come as well as past event



01.07.13 - 05.07.13

16 students from Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium, Bamberg gained work experience with local employers, ranging from Local Council to a local Hotel.


10.05.13 - 11.05.13

The annual Bedford:Bamberg Spring Fest 2013 took place on Friday 10th & Saturday 11 May 2013 at the Harpur Suite.  The Mayor opened the Festival at 12 noon and Don Bosco as usual played outside entertaining the passers by to some authentic German brassband music.    


16.03.13 - 26.03.13

 School Exchange - students from Bamberg visit Bedford.






 Student teachers from the University of Bamberg visited the Mayors Parlour.  Click here to read a short report on the visit.


24.03.12 - 3.04.12

School Exchange - students from Bamberg visited Bedford. Click here to read a report prepared by Malcolm Chalmers



Opening of the Bamberg State Garden.  Mayor Dave Hodgson attended the official opening of the Bamberg State Garden.


11 - 12.05.12

The annual Bamberg Beer Festval was held at The Harpur Suite.  Nineteen members of Don Bosco Brass Band arrived at approximately 10am by coach on Friday morning after a 30 hour trip from Bamberg, they opened the proceeding outside the Harpur Suite at 12noon on Friday, and returned to Bamberg on Saturday evening!   Pictures here


24 - 29.06.12


ETA Hoffmann Gymnasium music students had an exchange with Wootton Upper School – schools visit one another on alternate years to perform together.  ETA Hoffmann Gymnasium visited Bedford this year.  A concert was held at Wootton Upper School.


2 - 6.07.12

Following the success of the  visit last year by 14 students from Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium, Bamberg, 16 students came to Bedford to gain work experience with local employers, ranging from Local Council to a local Hotel. Read a report by three of the students


30.07.12 - 31.08.12


 Each year two students are invited to Bamberg to gain work experience for one month, there is also an invitation for a student to participate in the Summer course at Bamberg University during the same time.  Bedford invites two students from Bamberg for work experience in Bedford during the same time.

Bedford has a similar project with Rovigo, where two students can go to their twin town for one month for work experience.  The students would stay in each others homes during this time.

Bedford hosted one student from Bamberg - Jakob Hoyer and one student from Rovigo -Claudia Manfrin this year.  Both students worked at Borough Hall, Jakob also spent a week at the University of Bedfordshire gaining some work experience.

Two students from Bedford participated in the Bamberg Summer University course - Madeleine Coles and Kiera Englefield.  Two students from Bedford also participated in the work experience in Bamberg - Joel Court and Cory Smith.


22 - 23.09.12


Bedford Bamberg Sports Festival.  This event is held every four years, alternating between Bedford and Bamberg, this year was Bedford's turn to host the event.  The following sports participated: Badminton, Women's Football, Canoeing, Athletics, Chess, Shooting, Tennis, Golf, Rowing. 

Read a report of the event here and also see pictures taken over the weekend.

Click here to see photography taken by students from various Bedford schools in relation to the "Active" Photography Project organised by Bedford Borough Council and linked to the Bedford Bamberg Sports Festival. 


20 - 31.10.12 

School Exchange - Students from Bedford visited Bamberg for the annual schools' exchange between the towns. Read a report of the visit written by Richard Killen of Bedford Modern School





2 - 12.04.11

School Exchange - the annual visit by Bamberg students to Bedford organised by Malcolm Chalmers of  Wootton Upper School.  This year 23 students participated.

Read a report of the visit written by Malcolm Chalmers




Bamberg held its 5th Bamberg Heritage Run.  Competition was held over four distances, 21.1km, 10.9km, a fun run of 4.4km and a children's run 800m - 4.1m.


13 - 14.05.11

The 4th Beer Festival was held on 13-14 May 2011.  Don Bosco Brass Band from Bamberg opened the event by playing outside the Harpur Suite.



 Joska Choir from Rovigo performed a concert with Concord Singers at St Peter's Church on Saturday 11 June 2011.

Read a report of the visit written by Michael Walmsley


 4 - 8.07.11

 Work Experience students from Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium, Bamberg worked at various Bedford employers.  Two reports on their experiences have been written by the students. Read Elvira Hummel, Lisa Mergner and Robert Baier's report 1 here, and the second report by Katharina dillig & Tanja Seitz, Julian Wagner, Steen Hickethier & Markus Beiersdorfer, Frank Laufer & Danny Grassick and Julia Pfister report 2 here.


26.06.11 - 4.07.11

A party of musicians from Wootton Upper School went to Bamberg as guests of the E.T. A. Hoffmann Gymnasium.

click here to read a report on the visit written by Malcolm Chalmers


August 2011

Work placements from Bamberg and Rovigo.  Students went to Bamberg and Rovigo for work experience, and students came from Bamberg and Rovigo for work experience in Bedford.  click here to read a report by Oliver Hutchings who attended the Summer University Course in Bamberg

click here to read a report by Katharine Klier about her work experience in Bedford

click here to read a report by Eleanor Southern-Wilkins about her work experience in Bamberg


29 November 2011

Eddy Fleischmann was awarded the Bamberg City Medal for special services for the benefit of Bamberg City and its citizens .  Click here to see the pictures and a short report.






The Big Band of Clavius-Gymnasium, Bamberg.

Joint concert with Bedford School 


20 - 30.03.10

Work Experience students from Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium, Bamberg working at various Bedford employers.


20 - 30.03.10

School Exchange - the annual visit by Bamberg students to Bedford organised by Malcolm Chalmers of Wootton Upper School.  This year there was 24 students participating.


22 - 25.03.10

School Exchange - Springfield Lower School, Kempston hosted 10 students and 3 staff from Sichirollo School, Rovigo.  This was the second trip the school has made to Bedford.


13 - 14.05.10

The Corn Exchange held the 3rd Bedford Bamberg Beer and Wine Spring Fest. The Bedford Town Band opened proceeding on Thursday, and Don Bosco Brass Band from Bamberg will played on Friday and Saturday.



The Italian Society of Bedford had a talk called "Rovigo our Twinned Town"  at the Chapter House, St Peters Church, De Parys Avenue, Bedford.


27.06.10 - 02.07.10

 School Music Exchange.  Musicians and staff from Bamberg came to Bedford.  A concert was arranged on Tuesday 29 June at St Paul's Church, Bedford and a combined concert at Wootton Upper School on 1st July at. Click here to read a report by Malcolm Chalmers about the visit


Summer 2010

School Exchange - Springfield Lower School, Kempston.  15 students and 3 staff visited a Summer camp in Rovigo with Sichirollo School, Rovigo.

Click here to read the daily diary of the visit

Click here to see pictures of the visit


17 -18.07.10

River Festival - A Civic Delegation from Rovigo came to the festival.  Read a report of the visit



16 - 19.07.10

Over the River Festival weekend, members of Bedford and County Badminton Club hosted a group of 10 people from the Bamberg Badminton Club in Bedford.  Read a short report of the visit with pictures


16 - 19.07.10

Bedford Junior Blues Rugby/Monti Rugby, Rovigo - 7's demonstration tournament and 15's match will be arranged and played over the weekend of the River Festival.  Click here to read the report about the visit

Click here to see pictures


17 -19.07.10


Rovigo Scout Leaders in Bedford for the River Festival.  Click here to read a short report of the visit by Graeme Watt - Scouts District Commissioner



August 2010

Bamberg and Rovigo were invited  to send 2 students to Bedford for work experience and Bedford  received invitations from both twin towns to send two students to each twin town for work experience.  There was also a Summer place at Bamberg University - Otto Friedrich University during the month of August.

Bedford hosted three work placements this year, Julia Dorgelo from Bamberg, Elvira Tumiatti, and Matteo Pozzetti from Rovigo.

Workplacements 2010

l - r Matteo, Elvira, Julia

Read Julia's report of her stay

Read Matteo's report of his stay

Read Elvira's report of her stay


Shona Magill, a student at St Thomas More Catholic Upper School spent four weeks in Rovigo on the work experience. Read Shona's report of her stay in Rovigo

Alexandra Hill a student of Dame Alice Harpur School and Stephanie von Caron a student of Sharnbrook Upper School spent 4 weeks in Bamberg on the work experience. Read Alexandra's report of her stay in Bamberg


1 - 07.09.10

Bedford Bamberg Association hosted eighteen visitors from Bamberg.  The visitors were accommodated with families in Bedford and nearby villages. The first visit for the group was to the Mayor's Parlour where they were welcomed by Dave Hodgson the Mayor of Bedford, the following days were busy with visits to various places of interest.  Read a full report of the visit written by Eric Kelk  



First Meeting of the year for the Italian Society of Bedford, was held on Friday 24 September 2010 - ‘Benvenuti - Primo Incontro’.  The Society is keen to welcome new members.

The Italian Society of Bedford was established in 1983 and aims to promote a better understanding of Italy - the country, history,  life and culture and to foster good relationships between the people of Bedford and its Italian community.  Read The Italian Society of Bedford's press release.


16 - 27.10.10


Twenty-two students participated in the school's exchange trip to Bamberg.  Four students from Wootton Upper School, eleven from Biddenham Upper School, four from Bedford School, two from Bedford High School and one from Mark Rutherford Upper School.  Read a full report of the trip written by Malcolm Chalmers 


22 - 25.10.10


October Rovigo - Rovigo will be having its annual trade fair, this year 350 stall will be in the town centre; as well as stalls, there will be shows, sporting events and conventions. 

Five members of the Italian Society of Bedford will be in Rovigo during this time as guests of Amici d'Europa, an organisation promoting exchanges between its twin towns.

Bedford Junior Blues U14's have also accepted an invitation from Monti Rugby Junior club to visit Rovigo during this time, Monti Rugby were in Bedford during the River Festival in July.  Twenty Four players and ten coaches/supporters will be travelling to Rovigo, and apart from the organised matches between the two teams, the group will be welcomed by the Mayor of Rovigo, have a day trip to Venice and a tour of Pisa. 


10 - 11.12.10

Eight performers from Rovigo took part in a dance concert with Two Step Fitness on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 December 2010 at the Bedford School Theatre.  The shows were a huge success and the visitors returned to Rovigo on 13 December.


10 - 12.12.10


Three representatives from Bamberg City Council, Bertram Weisshaar, Eduard Fleischmann and Alfred Röckelein, from Bamberg City Council were in Bedford for the Bedford Victorian Fair which took place Friday 10 December to Sunday 12 December. Read a report of the visit here



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