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Traffic Regulation Orders

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal instrument that enables the Highway Authority to regulate or prohibit the movement of traffic on the highway. They apply to the regulation of speed, weight, movement and parking of vehicles as well as regulating pedestrian movement.

If drivers do not comply with these TROs, they are then guilty of an offence for which the courts may impose penalties such as fines, licence points or even disqualification.

Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders


The proposed Traffic Regulation Orders that are currently out to consultation.

Recently Made Traffic Regulation Orders


A list of Traffic Regulation Orders made and came into force within the last three months


Other Highways Schemes


A list of other Traffic Regulation Orders (Toucan/Zebra/Pelican Crossings, Speed Cushions, Road Humps etc.).

Special Event Orders

We also make legal orders to close roads and footways for Special Events, such as parades, processions, races & community events.

Types of Traffic Regulation Order

  • Permanent

These types of Orders can only be introduced following the appropriate legal process. There are several stages to the introduction of a new permanent TRO but once made remain in force until superseded or revoked.

  • Temporary

These are used to cover temporary events such as road works or to avoid danger to the public. Orders may be made for up to 18 months.

(For Footpaths, Bridleways, Cycle Tracks and Byways Open To All Traffic, orders may be made for up to 6 months. For further information regarding Rights of Way closures contact Highways Helpdesk, Tel: 01234 718003 or https://highwaysreporting.bedford.gov.uk/


These are used to cover emergency works as well as minor works involving an element of urgency. They may be made for a 5 day or 21 day duration depending on the circumstances.

  • Experimental

These are used to see if the recommendation will work in practise, before possibly converting it to a permanent TRO. They may be made for up to 18 months. Orders must be advertised at least seven days before they are due to come into effect. Consultation requirements must be followed before the order is made.


Temporary/Emergency Road and Footpath Closures/Restrictions for Road Works

If you require a road to be closed or a traffic restriction imposed on a temporary basis whilst works are carried out on the highway, please email the Council's Highways Helpdesk in the first instance. Please include a plan showing the extent of the temporary road closure/restriction required. You will also need to submit a traffic management and diversion signing plan, if applicable, which we will need to approve before the temporary road closure/restriction can commence.

The current fee for a temporary closure or restriction is £1,200.00.
The current fee for an emergency closure or emergency restriction is £660.00.


Events Taking Place on the Highway

If you are intending to hold an event on the highway or other council land you may need a temporary road closure to ensure the event can run safely. If this is the case you will need to apply to us, submitting details of the event and the associated risks.

We need at least three months notice to process a road closure as we have to obtain comments from the emergency services and other interested parties.

To apply for a road closure to facilitate an event, please email the Council's Highways Helpdesk in the first instance.

You may also wish to refer to ‘A Guide to Organising Safe Events’.

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