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Nuisance Vehicles

There are many forms of parking which determine a vehicle to be considered as a "Nuisance Vehicle"


Obstructive Parking - in many cases, if a vehicle is found to be parked in contravention of a local parking regulation, Bedford Borough Council Parking Services can assist by issuing a Penalty Charge Notice.

However, if a vehicle is parked in such manner where the need of its removal is required, then you may contact the Police who will arrange the removal of the vehicle if deemed necessary. This action at the full discretion of the Police Authority.


Parking on Dropped Kerbs - As of 01 April 2010, Bedford Borough Council Parking Services has the the powers to issue Penalty Charge Notices to those vehicles parked on dropped kerbs, whether they be to residential premises or on the Highway (access kerbs for wheelchairs and pushchairs). We will enforce dropped kerbs to residential properties at the request of the resident only. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT REMOVE THE VEHICLE



Bedford Borough Council has powers available to prevent parking on verges and footways. Parking on verges causes damage to the grassed areas making them difficult to maintain. Parking on footways can cause damage but also causes an obstruction to pedestrians. The Council will therefore consider enacting these powers to help prevent persistent parking on verges and footways by issuing fixed penalty notices.

The following criteria will be used when considering the enforcement of parking on verges and footways:


  1. All local Ward Councillors support the introduction of verge enforcement at any proposed location. Without this support there should be no implementation of verge parking restrictions;
  2. There is clear evidence to the Council that verge and footway parking is affecting the safety of pedestrians;
  3. and/or
  4. There is extensive physical damage to the footway or verge making it difficult to maintain;
  5. and/or
  6. There is damage to services, such as cables in the verge;
  7. and/or
  8. There is a recommendation from the Police, Fire Service or Ambulance Service that the street be subject to unlawful verge parking enforcement.


When deciding on the importance of establishing verge / footway parking prevention, the following criteria will be considered: 


  1. There is adequate alternative parking available (either on or off-street) in the vicinity. It must be demonstrated that there will not be a worse problem caused by displaced parking.
  2. There is a recommendation from the Police, Fire service or Ambulance Service that the street be subject to unlawful verge parking enforcement;
  3. Roads which are bus routes or busy routes for traffic will be given a higher consideration.


The following steps will be taken to introduce enforcement in those streets which have been designated for no verge / footway parking: 


  1. Prior to commencement of enforcement there will be a single issue of a leaflet to all households in the selected street to advise of the unlawfulness of verge / footway parking and the Council’s intention to introduce enforcement.
  2. The Borough Council will erect signs to enable enforcement to take place
  3. The Borough Council will undertake enforcement by issuing fixed penalty notices



Abandoned Vehicles - please follow this link

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