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Passing your test and losing the L plates is a great achievement, Well Done

But the driving test is really only the beginning of your driving education.


You may never have driven at night, or in snow, heavy rain, or thick fog. You may never have navigated winding country roads or crowded city streets. And there’s certainly not a part of the driving test which ticks off how to be a designated driver on a night out with a car full of mates who are fun but distracting!

Now imagine a combination of the scenarios above: How about distracting friends, on a winding road in thick fog?

Further training could help you to prepare for these more challenging driving conditions.

Momentum is not a test, it's an hour on the road with a qualified  IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists)assessor who will observe your driving. At the end the assessor will offer feedback on the standard of your driving, as well as providing individual tips and advice on how to deal with unfamiliar traffic situations, or things that you have not yet experienced – making you a better and more confident driver.


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What have you got to lose?

Bedford Borough Council are offering you to take the course for FREE



Momentum is NOT a Test.

To take part you will need a full driving licence, be under 26 and have access to a car with a current MOT, that you are insured to drive.

Momentum starts with an online assessment that you can fill in anywhere you can access the web. This helps to identify the environment in which you typically drive and gets a handle on your attitude to risks on the road.

Next is 60 minutes out on the road with an experienced assessor driving on the roads you would use every day. At the end the assessor will give you a copy of the completed feedback form. Adjusting your driving style according to the examiner’s recommendations and tips will allow you to be a more skilful driver, and to enjoy the journey, even if the pressure is on.


If you enjoy taking part in Momentum and want to develop your skills further you can move on to the IAM Skill for Life programme. Skill for Life will help to develop your driving to advanced standard, at which point you will be eligible to take the Advanced Driving test, making your driving safer, more economic and more enjoyable.


You could also benefit from a host of other discounts and offers, including free RAC roadside and recovery for the first year, and potentially a significant saving on your insurance premiums. Your investment in Skill for Life (currently £139) could pay for itself within a year.

Bedford Borough Council are offering to cover the cost of Momentum (normally £40) for drivers aged 17-26 who live,work or attend full time education in the borough.

What are you waiting for ? For more details and to fill in and submit the application form (opens in a new window).


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