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Graffiti Removal


Graffiti is vandalism and is very expensive to remove. While some people think graffiti is an art form, for most the reality is that it makes an area look untidy, is often offensive and adds to people's perceptions that an area is unsafe. If graffiti is not removed it can encourage more anti-social behaviour and crime and make people feel frightened and intimidated.

Graffiti is an act of criminal damage which is defined as deliberately or recklessly destroying or damaging someone else’s home, building, vehicle or other items.

Graffiti includes painting, writing, soiling, marking and defacing property.  Individuals found committing an offence of graffiti can be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £75 by an authorised officer for minor offences.  The Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 gives local authorities powers to tackle this problem.


Protecting your property

There are a number of methods available to ensure that your property isn't targeted by graffiti vandals:

  • Avoid having outside wall painted white where possible - as this will act as a canvas for graffiti
  • Apply textured surfaces such as pebble dash to walls
  • Create shrubberies against walls to restrict access to wall surfaces
  • Prevent access to high walls or roofs by coating drainpipes with non drying paint
  • Secure fencing around your property to limit easy access
  • Think about installing security cameras
  • Coat walls with suitable graffiti resistant coating


Reporting graffiti:

To report graffiti, please contact the Call Centre on 01234 718060, or email enviro-crime@bedford.gov.uk.


You can also help the Council to catch those committing these offences by taking photos that document the graffiti, and the time and location where it has taken place. This can be used as evidence in the event that a person is arrested and charged.


Removing graffiti:

As part of our efforts to clean the Borough, Bedford Borough Council will remove graffiti from the highway and publicly owned land and aims to remove obscene and racist graffiti within 24 working hours of it being reported.


Businesses will also need to sign a disclaimer giving the council permission to clean graffiti from their premises.  However, companies that fail to sign the disclaimer and fail to keep their properties clean will be forced to remove their graffiti. The council can issue graffiti removal notices to organisations such as railway operators and those responsible for street furniture. If graffiti is not removed within 28 days, The Council has the authority to remove it and reclaim the costs.


'Graffiti Busters’ scheme

The Council’s ‘Graffiti Busters’ scheme provides a service for graffiti removal from private property which is visually obtrusive from a public highway. Residents requesting this service will be required to sign a disclaimer form for the council to be able to carry out the work. You can post the form to: Community Volunteering, Bedford Borough Council, FREEPOST NAT536, Bedford, MK40 1BR.

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